Yo-ho-ho Motherf*cker

ChinookDG spreading Crimbo cheer.
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Article from The Angel Future Army Dress- Blackadder Style! pass out phot standards have well slipped .... Stuff East German Border Patrol 88 Ice sculpture luge for Signals wasn't me honest guv Yo-ho-ho Motherf*cker Desperate Ridge Troop, Cyprus '98 Nurture Marketing Flowchart for New Recruit Enquiries Weapons Rack Ive missed green color so I ve got one Found at the bottom of the wardrobe And Now you do. Clever Iraqi cam & and concealment In memory of II Caption Please (2)
ChinookDG spreading Crimbo cheer.
  1. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
    Hmmmm sure its not a Spam Sea Knight??
  2. TheLordFlasheart
    My spotterish money is on a Sea Knight too..... :roll:
  3. crazybrit82
  4. Porridge_gun
    It is a sea knight
  5. Geordie_Blerk
    Or one of those mini Chinooks designed to be air portable in a normal Chinook?