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Fingers Ruc New Barnsley 1983 from the super sangar Forkhill heli-pad 5 aside 82 R21 South Armagh Ugly in 1983 West Belfast! 2LI Anti-tanks Newry UDR Base 77 5894 xmg Divis mountain Early 1990's Door Gunner in Ulster 655 Sqn AAC over County Fermangh 2LI Ass/pnrs Combat Engr's Course 79 borucki sanger Divis mountain Belfast 1984 Bessbrook dismantling R16 Newry
  1. Aunty Stella
    Aunty Stella
    Never could find decent valet parking at XMG
  2. Mighty_doh_nut
    Thats because you've never been you sproggy nig :D
  3. Furryturd
    Did the guy with the flat top hairdo and Raybans park that one?
  4. Mighty_doh_nut
    He wasn't far away, sat stuffing stuff up his claypit when I called him and told him that a cab was lying in the field down the road. He put on his pursuit leotard and hair gel and made his way to the scene with his clipboard, colouring in book and butt plug.
  5. The-Lord-Flasheart
    Furry, no. But he was on the scene an hour later and spent a few days on the fcuking crash site. :roll: