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WMIK lie-up point somewhere east of Geresk, Afghanistan

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Zumbeley. Still in contact as it gets dark! hello,we're Jehova's Witness. Do you have  a spare moment? Patrol along Helmand river to Kader Kalay village Un Soldat de France en AFG Afghan Zumbeley. Still in contact and it's bloody dark! Still no sign of air support!!! Afghan WMIK lie-up point somewhere east of Geresk, Afghanistan Piper Salute 2 hours later. Time for a fag break me thinks!!! 5765 6548 Lone Piper - out of the sunset!!! (FOB Keenan) Local shop in Kabul Sangin humour.
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  2. Sarge
    Why face inwards, is that so they all crash if they get bumped?????? :lol:
  3. noremorse
  4. sandmanfez
    The odds on getting bumped in the mamba by a 200yo staney on a donkey are somewhere between nil and,....uh,....nil. :wink:
  5. smudge5611
    They are getting ready for a bit of dogging.....isn't that right?
  6. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Afghanistan branch of Gaydar annual meet?