Wimbledon 2006

An Italian "woman" called Garbin - I swear that's a *****. She's so fcuking...
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An Italian "woman" called Garbin - I swear that's a *****. She's so fcuking ugly as well. I took that picture by accident... honest...
  1. Interceptor
    Thanks, Crabby. I was just about to tuck in to a tasty bacon sandwich when I saw that. Bacon is now in the bin. Bleargh!
  2. crabby
    Sorry. It has scarred me for life. Her face looks like she's had several accidents with a shovel, she's got tiny ears, moaned and groaned on every shot (not in a sexy way) and beat a Brit. "She" is horrible.
    The original description has been changed by a MOD I think... The original stated my belief that I'm sure you can see male genitialia in that picture...
  3. pomps
    and wearing y fronts too????