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Willys bar !!!

Spent many a night getting wasted & playing Shock in there.
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Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA Maj Hoby VC MC Centurion Kit Simo Hayha - Finnish Sniper - Winter War Inside the 'Trench' England expects... RPC, ROVER GROUP, LONDONDERRY, N/IRELAND. 1972 - 1973. Willys bar !!! Old but not forgotten Eden Camp 29.04.06 Early Casevac with wings! Walts Any ideas WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier Safari Company 5885
Spent many a night getting wasted & playing Shock in there.
  1. Tartan_Terrier
    Is that Jimmy Kranky?
  2. scousemech
    Ahh The wichdig getting leathered and fighting with 4 div 89-92 they were good years
  3. LoneTree
    87-90 my years. You forgot 16/flids & the local turks. Toffs bar anyone ???? :lol: look in the RH window !!! Petra ????? 8O
  4. 4lpha_4rmy
    Mmmm the wonderful Petra!!!
  5. Hylander
    anybody remember that russian machine gun on wheels that was right by the gaurd room door... never worked out why that was there