Who loves the RAF?

Apparently, not a farmer in North Wales...
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Apparently, not a farmer in North Wales...
  1. TheLordFlasheart
    Only if your a book eating doctrine geek with a hygiene problem. The rest of the normal world would understand aviation pertains to things that fly or aviate....aviation. Your scabby coat is in the taxi. :D
  2. crabtastic
    And guess what happened to the volume of traffic over this boy's farm... It was first spotted a little before 0900. By lunchtime, word had spread to every crewroom in NATO. Wouldn't have been at all surprised if he got buzzed by an Australian F111 by the end of the week. :D
  3. IndianaDel
    Biggles? Must have been a older literatti!
  4. BashaBasher
    The RAF does have a rubbish inventory, Should have somthing like the F-14 Tomcat which would smoke off that p1ssy little Hawk
  5. Goatman
    Tomcat?...better call the Iranian Air Force then.....