What a shirt

wearing this should swiftly empty a room!
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SQUADDIE05 Steptoe new army syleee stand to i was sleep walking. Like my tattoo? monkey Copehill Down...Twas' dark What a shirt P2 and Mini-P2 Mk1 5741 6129 reunion 6859 Sgt Hotspur Jump 14 What was that big bright light?.....Oh, bugger.. Yummy yummy
wearing this should swiftly empty a room!
  1. Jammy66
    Is he pullin imself?
  2. YankMarine
    Where's Grommit?
  3. remf
    he looks like he has a bag of sweets in his lap while waiting outside a primary school
  4. sosuzi06
    He is a bit of an arse, but does a really good squaddie dance. Maybe he could use that for his CV. Should go well with LE officer. hee hee
  5. Lexx_valentine
    "Hello little girl, come have a sweetie and let me show you my shirt collection"