What a IED does to an ambulance

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    Blow tyre up and a bit of black and nasty splash of paint and job done
  2. Interceptor
    If that's the Ambulance left by the RMP compound in Basrah Palace then it's probably the one that a QLR captain was killed in. Quite tasteless of you to photograph it like some kind of war trophy, don't you think?
  3. Giblets
    wtf are you doing taking your bloody caravan out there - it's a ******* WARZONE!
  4. ste6669
    I think its a bit sick having this photo on here its an insult to all who served on telic II with the Queens Lancashires.
  5. 762baynet
    To me this looks like the one blown up early on T3 while being moved to the Palace, if correct no-one was killed or seriously hurt