What a IED does to an ambulance

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  1. sexybomb
    "Ma'am, I thought this symbol made us and our Meat Wagon bullet proof"?????? NOT 8O I guess the FF's don't really know everything, or anything more to the point, about LoAC??
  2. dwills
    the flap was down when hit....
  3. sexybomb
    The flap is now only useful to hold up a fat barsteward :roll:
  4. Interceptor
    If that's the Ambulance left by the RMP compound in Basrah Palace then it's probably the one that a QLR captain was killed in. Quite tasteless of you to photograph it like some kind of war trophy, don't you think?
  5. bampot
    **** the ambulance,where did he get the Prr.he obviously stole it.