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Wedding day

Well its me... on my wedding day, 31st Aug 07.<br />
 Not the medieval look,   going for that...
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Well its me... on my wedding day, 31st Aug 07.
Not the medieval look, going for that 40's vibe
  1. titch
    nice tits any chance of a t.. w..k mmmmmmmm
  2. JoshMillss
    This is Louisha Cumonmytits,She's only five dollars a go boys!
  3. Idontgetit
    Veritas, ignore these beer-bellied- fat-fcuker- has-beens :wink: : You've got a great smile,teeth, eyes, skin and hair. Better be plump then skinny, no man surely likes shagging a stick insect unless fearless of squashing her flat in the sack. You look alright, girl, jog on.
  4. Geordie_Blerk
    I take it you married a fat lass then?
  5. Pegleg
    Are you still married then ???!!!