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  1. Mighty_doh_nut
    Not the poster trig, the person that posted it. The poster just makes you look thick as fcuk :D I'm mooning at you
  2. sneeky_turd
    so your issue is with the poster of the post regarding the poster.....i see....i think. stop mooning me, you should know better than to bare your arse to my type.
  3. Mighty_doh_nut
    No my issue is with the attitude of the poster and some of his more bone colleagues. Apols for not simplifying enough, momentarily forgot the audience. :D the poster is however cehesy as fcuk and more embarrassing than being found in a red rubber dress hanging on a peice of wasteland.
  4. FiveAlpha
    Don't talk about Kev like that.
  5. orangesoldiersoldier
    good poster lads mdn get a fukin life most vets probably laugh at it fukin hell cant be a comidien wiv dis grumpy **** can u