Vogelsang 1936

In its heyday
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3RGJ Exercise Gibralter biggest steal? French Soldier at shrine WW1 Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA gedc0012comp BATUS good nights sleep for a change? chickenpunk's Grandfather Vogelsang 1936 Mixed Regiments, Single capbadge Templer Bks Gym 2287 Sth camp again. Grandad in Egypt A bridge too far Honest John ? Hong Kong 1970ish
In its heyday
  1. sandmanfez
    The inspiration for "Tracy Island"?
  2. Bravo_Bravo
    Just as I remember it, as a Training GruppenFuhrer err Screw
  3. golddust
    Soon as 'pensionpointer' mentioned the steps, it all came flooding back :-(
  4. shaggy
    easiest BFT,all down hill,oh not forgeting the Dutch bar always good for a scuffle
  5. Cutaway
    Full Screw Bravo_Bravo ? You're admitting you really were a Rottenführer ?