vet wiva tash

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Sponsored walk evidence 3 Para Insight course found this walt or wah?? Pitts Road 5266 WW on leave '83 home2006 031 vet wiva tash JLRRE WAY back in the mists of time 6149 Alert as always! Brew 6809 Dale the Snail in the nude Der Hund & 2 Queens-1980ish
  1. Rumpelstiltskin
    Your mate's drinking too much Guiness, his shit's gone black.
  2. Taffnp
    I hope it does not wash off :roll:
  3. biohazardboots
    and the winner of the 2007 "world Skiffed championships" is.........
  4. Geordie_Blerk
    ******* do one you civvie ****. Yet again a civilian trawls a military website in the slim hope of receiving cock. try PPrune or Rum ration you homo.