Us in the Sun

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p8250030 Messine Church London bridge 5 hours after blast Templer Bks - MQ's NEW RM Assault Vehicle Isandlwana 3 The Battle of Britain Monument Us in the Sun ORB Royal Holding Severed Heads we was never in Vietnam Honest!! Honest John 2 RGJ Officers Mess Egg Banjo Al Fresco Chez Soltau Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA p8250029
  1. dwills
    is that from the german version of Armarillo?
  2. sandmanfez
    Hans on the left is definitely onto something with that look, I think I'm gonna adopt it as "suitable beach attire" on my next trip to Cypress.
  3. semper
    does look a bit gaydar
  4. showman00
    so exactly what happened on your stag night sargent?