Up The Micks

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7230 7453 Tiger ice luge for 2 PWRR VC-10 inflight refuelling over Iraq trf_re 1715 The Kings and Cheshire Regiment Parade - 18th November 2005 Up The Micks CBRN Outgoing. CD ground map One of the Desert Rats during WWII Brocky Mortars Albania 2006 found these two on tinternet 2 Para Memorial Goose Green
  1. IrishDoris
    good ol Brian :wink:
  2. crabtastic
    Can't be a Guardsman. It's not sat on its arrse, licking its b0llocks.
  3. The-Hog
    How many times have I seen that mutt busted to GDSM!!!!
  4. BashaBasher
    Its even got a medal! What war did that ol mutt fight in?
  5. shef64
    it probably went up against a corgi.......... & 'tactically' lost.....