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Go on then you bastards :)
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    why are you wearing green? noone wears green anymore,its soooo 1980s, sandy is the colour of choice
  2. dog_soldier
    Someone appears to have stolen your wpn sighting system and replaced it with some second-hand iron-mongery
  3. Gun_Doc
    Why do you need a BFA on an airsoft rifle?
  4. mukhabarat2003
    Can I have a new one - the barrel's snapped and the tape looks stupid?
  5. Tels_Muppet
    fcuk off boys, he looks well hard! and he HASN'T stuffed 6 pork pies under his beret at all! or in his side pockets or in his ressy haversack! note the pristine grip on the handguard! good lad! ur a model soldier! (fcuk off)