Uncle Fester?

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Papa and Grandson me 0311Matt for the lads in chat Posing, me? Plant-pilot's been given the 'rocket' so often.... here's the proof! Wobbly coffee!  Splendid! Uncle Fester? 4882 professionalism lol me Soltau 1976 and back again 5914 DF Telic 3 me gettin ready for the sun!
  1. Cait
    Right Said Fred.
  2. Bulletproofsmoke
    werent you in The Goonies?
  3. ExPadBrat
    Surely he's singing "I'm a little teapot, short and stout, here's my handle....." :boogie:
  4. bigbird67
    Not at ALL how i pictured you!!! :winkrazz:
  5. girliebiker
    Oh I wish I'd taken the time to look through here earlier - that's rather nice :D