Ultimate (Kiwi) Waltmobile

Or maybe Blackhand was visiting town ?.
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Tommo5050 7362 8323_104582482886538_100000043612321_140439_1651055_s.jpg le3 The better looking half of the team. Armagh '90 GunnersQuadrant Somewhere, Somewhen??????????/ Ultimate (Kiwi)  Waltmobile Sluice_Dweller 1083 Dr. Frankenverted Me on Exercise playing enemy for TA Safe Sex ball luvlies 3162 Bloody Rain! Doing what comes naturally
Or maybe Blackhand was visiting town ?.
  1. Rincewind
  2. BlackHand
    Wouldn't be seen dead in a) A Holden (or a tatty Vauxhall with Holden badges) and b) The Hawkes Bay