Ubique ya bass

Gissa bottle ya cnut
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First Man Down........... Post Crawl Dump, TR trail...... dale in the company of Richmonds finest! Embra 05 ARRSE on parade IdleA attempting to hump poppy fully clothed through a sleeping bag. Embra 05 Ubique ya bass IdleA after being caught trying to hump poppy. Pte Jessica Lynch's Wrecker Embra 05 Recce has a quick peak ... not too obvious .... Embra 05 Rugby1 these do not belong to Dale, Poppy, Snow-white, or me........ Stumpy Does Devon
blessed baby cakes
Gissa bottle ya cnut
  1. Greengrass
    Why is stumpy being *****d off by chop sticks
  2. canteen_cowboy
    as we all know "stumpy" is the dogs bolloxs :lol:
  3. Toonie
    lmao at you lot... remember madonna doing that to a bottle in a vid once too