Triple D... again

they just get better!!!
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Bluey Vimmy Ridge Not many of these around now. Armoured train ambush site Malta 1913b Troop Transport - God, they looked Smart in those days! Uncle George Triple D... again Cornelius 1968 - 2006 Epi-centre sign in Hiroshima! Spr. Onions memorial richard Willams ( Dicky before setting off for france) My dad and a mate.Germany1945 216 - Farnborough Airfield 1980's My Grandad (middle). Korean War. 9 Platoon C Coy 2RRF
they just get better!!!
  1. sandmanfez
    What a ******* mong! When it comes to licking windows, does he prefer frosted glass or plain?
  2. two-four-albert
    Did you get that head off Bo Selecta or what??? :eek:
  3. two-four-albert
    Hang on......looking in depth before the re org....... whats going on with the gusset of those jeans on the mong at the bar?????????
    Oasis in Bordon, the "pants" to the rear are yes pants! its full of proper windowlickers, pan washers and webbed toe local errr girls? Disco Dave does this on his 2nd bottle of smirrnoff ha ha YOUTUBE or what?
  5. Keo_Fan1
    Ahh... hes trying so hard to make friends!!!