This used to be me, long time ago

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Complete Pioneer Otterburn gun salute for queens b-day my baby 201 Bty 100 reg Christmas is Cancelled - Santa on Ops 4909 Bastion Mar '06 This used to be me, long time ago 16th/5th Lancers on East German border 11 platoon C Coy 1 RGJ Falklands 95 Porton battle Run 2008 6741 10 Downing street 7443 Help for Heroes Pool & Gym - DMRC Headley Court May 2010 Serving with ARVN Rangers in Vietnam
  1. Speedy
    You were a gimp?
  2. static-line-pimp
    (...) my god you have got to be some sort of wacky fantasist ,get back to your homework lad.........................
  3. JackH
    they do put some gucci kit on ebay nowdays eh! :roll:
  4. hogspawn
    your arse is on fire
  5. CombatStig
    Airsoft is very realistic these days isn't it?