this used to be me as well, back in 2004

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Mount Pleasant from the roof of Hangar 13 The last of The Mighty Line! The Fat Lady Singing 201 Bty 100 reg Q staff Flying the flag Rememberance day 05, Me at front GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN this used to be me as well, back in 2004 Porton battle Run 2008 6613 Andrew Marr show trailer H4H Pool & Gym complex at Defence medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court, Surrey lib Brooke Barracks Main Square republicanGuard.jpg Skiier ice luge Headley Court
  1. sandmanfez
    Better than that Kaye, Pepsi was 54 in 2004. I wonder how many bars he has on his LSGC? :roll:
  2. Henry_Tombs
    "To be old and wise, you first have to be young and foolish" Living up to our signiture are we? :roll: Tosser!
  3. Ganjwah
    this pic is from a SAS program that was on the BBC
  4. static-line-pimp
    of course it was you ...................and I'm spartacus
  5. bobthebrit
    no you're not static! i'm am you cheeky sod [fancy that, someone trying to claim they're me]