Think i my have joined the Wrong Mob.

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  1. TheLordFlasheart
    If it were the RAF, they would be doing a reach round on a tranny. The RN chaps.....well....they'd be doing a golden rivet inspection.
  2. LoneTree
    I,d laugh, but its so fcukin true 8O
  3. Bad_Crow
    I suppose if it was britfor. The bootie would be seen in Norway complete with Lowe alpine hat skiing with bergan. Naked with roll mats around arms. The Army lad would be on a VCP in Iraq wearing 42 tonne of body armour. The navy would be getting p1ssed in a dingy gay bar in Gibralter and the crabs would be doing pretty much that but looking uglier!
  4. black_maskers
    could do with a muzzle cover on his gat!
  5. chocolate_frog
    I wonder what he is thinking about? under his hood?