Things that go bang

Preparing Iraqi Ammunition for destruction
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4325 Hearts and minds B Sqn QRL On Patrol 5391 Telic 3 storm Me and Saddam OP TELIC 1 Things that go bang Piloting past palms Sunset, Baghdad, 31 Jan 04 - Happy New Year!! hungry? B (Champion) Company - 1 KINGS - OP TELIC 2 4013 Regimental Aid Post, Basra Palace 4326 4522
Preparing Iraqi Ammunition for destruction
  1. shortfuse
    i love the smell of black maskers in the morning!!!!
  2. Sarge
    Who posted this pic was it the RLC Inspectorate or the Engineers please do tell
  3. GrumpyOG
    Judging by the lack of AT badges I would guess the people are REs