The top and bottom of my uniform ;)

No,i'm not underneath..
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Captain_Crusty at Barrybudden camp BATUS 1986. 3062 The top and bottom of my uniform ;) me receiving from gen.filasere' my para wings. 5053 me 6097 The only pic of me in uniform - and it's a tiny one. Blewbury Centre - Post hack pose Stumpt NAAFI bar Armagh 82 Milan Sect, B Coy, 1PWO, Bosina '93 (Op Grapple 2) weapons training at Barrybudden camp HVM Boy's Gash What the F..K am I doing here
No,i'm not underneath..
  1. Cloggie
    It fits in pretty good with the British crap photo's. And Jonny.. do your specs have jar glasses,as you seem to have trouble recognizing them as being my clogs :?
  2. Mighty_doh_nut
    Looks like a beret balancing on top of my nanna's tits
    mudbutton likes this.
  3. counterstrike
    Are you getting aroused MDN? :)
  4. jonny3979
    Well....must be a bugger to march in! No wonder you fold when some foreign chap decides he wants to own your windmills! Still everyone to his own I suppose.
  5. Kaye
    Can't miss it, this HAS to be the NASTRESS! :wink: