THE Salisbury ARRSE!!!!!!!!

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  1. blessed baby cakes
    blessed baby cakes
    Good oh! Bonus all round i'd say! :lol: :lol: :lol:.....neither does my first since you realised your thickness was shining through and removed it, but what the hell! Tit!
  2. Murielson
    ........ but what did it say Beebs?
  3. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    What I want to know is, is he showing his sausage to the lady on the left and if so, why is Dale not looking?
  4. blessed baby cakes
    blessed baby cakes
    Muriel basically it was a lame dig at Dale, witty be the posters standards, lame by the rest of humanity! Gunny he was, she hadn't seen it and didn't believe what Dale already knew, hung like a hamsters little baby brother......... think like a willy, only smaller. :(
  5. Gunny Highway