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The picture says it all!

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Evil Hood or Sgt Billy Hill? Low Flying Harrier LOF wikipedia the girls like our big guns ;) Future The Grey Man wife was driving,honest The picture says it all! Now look the sight, when you see your father press the trigger. 4096 Caption Please (3) 4576 Prince Harry Green Slime 583 2112
  1. Toroscot
    definitely a large hint of tache there, you'd have to be ray charles to miss it...
  2. the_crimp_off
    Dwills kill yourself. Sigs_jedi is that pic of you or are you just a stalking virgin?
  3. CHARLIE224
    pooh tash, without a doubt 8O
  4. black_maskers
    the belt is PLCE not 58 , yeh its upside down
    still good t- shirt though
  5. Wija
    She clearly got a brown mootah earlier that morning, and likes the smell of her own ass. And who gives a **** about the belt, the tshirt is 100% ******* accurate.