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Lt Raymond VC Sealand Ranges Four South Shields Khanoplers Graebner's Attack by david pentland SAA musuem joburg - Me262 in airforce hall glassmullin DH9 Air Ambulance, Z Force, Somalia, 1919 The other team Rendsburg 1918 5801 Plaque of Wellington's birthplace in Dublin DCC- Shrivenham The late Trevelyan (Trev) Lewis (RN)'s medals. Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA Maj Hoby VC MC Centurion Kit
  1. Tartan_Smudger
    Nice pics Taffnp. How did your dad get hold of them?
  2. Taffnp
    Not my Dad - my uncle he was in the Welsh Guards and died last year. His son had a clean out of the attic and found a luger - which he handed in to Police :( His son sent off for his service records and turns out he was a sniper!! A lot of the pics had writing on the back. There are quite a few which look like anti partisan operations and I obviously can't put them on here.
  3. polar69
    Why not ? If they have been in a loft for 60 or so years ?.......
  4. eight_three
    I can understand why your wary to post them taffnp, look at the Balkans, people slotted their neighbour for something that happened X amount of decades ago. I'm also from the Channel Islands and there are still a lot of people knocking about who could get in to some VERY serious trouble for things they did during the occupation. Can't you edit them so we can see them?
  5. Wet_Fart
    Cracking snaps. We want more!