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The lines at Sand Hill

For those who might need to know...
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7254 7432 on exercise East German Border Patrol 88 My Brick Guess the place Russian gift for friendly Afgans The lines at Sand Hill Lympstone udr/ lancers memorial ballygawley rd 4511 Scimitar 01 bucks pirates, boat troop 73 armd engr sqn and royal marines ,,not 72 armd engr sqn 5312 6695 7255
For those who might need to know...
  1. sandmanfez
    HONOUR!, COURAGE!, INTEGRITY! ( repeat ad nauseum) :wink:
  2. polar69
    Where's the bedblocks and neat lines of kit ??
    No cardboard suitcases on the tops of lockers,things have changed
  4. Baghdad-Brit
    Fifty officers currently call this room home.
  5. Mac_the_knife
    Bet these boys got one of them tha new fangled eeelectric polishin masheens