The Gunz of Dagenham

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QRL Catterick ice luge Sunrise over Salisbury Plain 2140 2184 Table 1 2750 Our floor mural The Gunz of Dagenham Lighting Up- No Smoking ban does not apply in here! Copehill Down map A-5 Vigilante 4526 Me outside St.Kilda Medical Centre 1988 Armed Forces Day 2009 70 09re
  1. shortshelflife
    get a grip browno boy, and a feecking life u sad bugg*r, guns are for kids and psychos
  2. natotattie
    ................and the armed forces maybe?
  3. Rab658
    Always said if you were given the order to fix bayonets on a S.M.G. you were fucked.
  4. Browno
    ShortShelfLife, You are a HYPOCRITE, You use guns yourself, Your in the 4ces arent you?
  5. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
    WTF do you keep posting this utter utter **** Browno? :roll: