The Green Beret

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republicanGuard.jpg Skiier ice luge Headley Court VC-10 inflight refuelling over Iraq Fire for effect 22 SAS Wings 2957 Arms cache Prijedor, Bosnia The Green Beret GPMG Cadre Albania 2006 Support our troops Sword 2 SAS Two 16th/5th Lancers The Four Sacred Menus LCVP and LCU Mk10 - HMS Bulwark 2nd Light Infantry Lads at the Lunch in Leeds Civic Hall 1st August 2009
  1. [JB]
    I remember that pic from the eighties - Combat School !
  2. Cpl_ripper
  3. jonny3979
    Thank the big one that they are on our side. Makes me feel sooooo much safer! 8O
  4. mukhabarat2003
    Not fit to wear a Rifle Green Beret......................
  5. kravchick2000
    Isn't that one of the G.I.Joe characters?