the girls like our big guns ;)

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The Fish-Head's new Smart missile system, 4095 Hair Trigger 4258 Evil Hood or Sgt Billy Hill? Low Flying Harrier LOF wikipedia the girls like our big guns ;) Future The Grey Man wife was driving,honest The picture says it all! Now look the sight, when you see your father press the trigger. 4096 Caption Please (3) 4576
  1. SparkySteve
    Crow, stop stuffing your crack into your sack, it'l last longer
  2. booty_cadet
    Where's the "big gun"? I see two small weapons, but no "big gun" and no fact that the girl likes it either!
  3. Geordie_Blerk
    You are pretending to be in the Army at present. If you pass the entrants tests for the Army you still have the challenges of basic training ahead of you. Now try keeping your ******* bone statements to yourself little boy and carry on sucking your AIs to completion.
  4. CC_TA
    Looks like a girl with the LSW :p
  5. Davie18
    lol cadets