the end of the world!

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Mummys Little Soldier 2805 My granddad just before WW2    8th Regiment Infantry,Royal Netherlands Army ahh bless im that my boy with his first stripe Me climbing at Guildford 4107 4185 the end of the world! 5144 5182 me 5971 guitar_playa08 6313 6687 Joe Civvie
  1. The_Light_IT_Consultant
    White Baseball Cap, Lambretta Jacket, Definately a Chavvi car thief! :D
  2. Bullet Sponge
    Bullet Sponge
    Are you pointing the way to the pie shop?
  3. Touch_it
    Are you singing "I'm a little teapot"?
  4. Wija
    Am I bovvered?
  5. pickledjelly
    stop touching yourself. nobody wants to see it,