The Bloody Eleventh

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The New MOAB Sponsored by the US State Dept. Now we know how to select our aircrew! And who said the Wessex was ugly? New Recruits!!? Banja Luka 2LI BG Jan 1996 Star of Lad's Army The Bloody Eleventh Hail to the Master Chief Sandhurst Memories Chopper inbound THEM Certificate The stare... Alternative ANA design The CSM Think yourself lucky.
  1. gizmodnd
    Finest Infantry Regiment In the British Army, THE BLOODY XI
  2. brewmeister
  3. Pirimaiboy
    Can't get used to Dorsets using the old Devons nickname :D BUT it was a good amalgamation so they tell me. :D
  4. The-Daddy
    well is wasn't likely to be the Devon & Durham's was it!