The biggest box of firework ever!

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The biggest box of firework ever! Painting brind new Range Rovers with paint brushes. Op Granby 1990 375866 4287039170889 649748988 n 3271 3563 Hohenstaufen 1 Paras 0 Stay Back! 5570 5703 6814 7356 7381 bomb disposal SUV's
  1. NevG
    Nice Piccy of a Giant Viper, I wonder where that came from :roll:
  2. sexybomb
    PS Don't forget to attach the hose to the rocket. Rocket tends to fly for miles on its own and normally a bastard to find, especially when it has left the range, the UK coast line and nearly topped a local fisherman in his rowboat 8O
  3. Hungwe
    Is the owner of the scratcher brvae or foolish? Not my choice of bed fort he night!