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Ted - The Mad Border Collie

' As soon as that frisbee thing leaves your hand - it's DEAD MEAT ! '
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' As soon as that frisbee thing leaves your hand - it's DEAD MEAT ! '
  1. sexybomb
    Well then Goatman, only toss your 'frisbee' in your pocket then - w*nker 8O
  2. Goatman
    WTF is that about SB ? 2 seconds on chat ? Walk north till yer hat floats
  3. Ice_and_a_Slice
    I'm so glad you mentioned that Ted the Dog was looking at a frisbee. Because he looks like a killing machine about to go for the throat! :D
  4. Goatman
    Goatman per post in Multinational...soft as a brush and 2 stops past Dagenham..I wouldn't normally post pics of fwuffy wuv puppies :oops: ...the 'Move and I'll kill ya! " eyeball is a Collie thing....they have the Thousand Yard Stare weighed off....
  5. chocolate_frog
    So does my little horror (also collie) he looks like a cross though goatman, is he pure collie?