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Front yard An Iraqis Opinion Playtime at the AL Jameat. 22 Telic 3 From the Cordon at an IED attack in Basra Big_Ks holiday home Digging in! Swimming What a IED does to an ambulance Fortress lines from the air Whoops Soldiers getting out of a helicopter Roof cover 1.5MW Generator being lifted into place Border Fort Catching rays
  1. Run_Charlie!
    Note both dorii have Tramp Stamps :)
  2. Goose_Rider
    oy, you on the right - where's your weapon and webbing :evil:
  3. BashaBasher
    Sure theyre just the Armed civvie journalists
  4. Baghdad-Brit
    Cloggie - Is that the pool by the Aussie HQ by any chance?
  5. green_army
    Yeah looks like the Oz pool which has now closed down, just like the Brit bar. It's all going pete tong!