Sunny Bessbrook Mill

Me in Bessbrook in 1997
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DF Telic 3 me gettin ready for the sun! 7037 img 0007 Sudan Joe Civvie 210 Sunny Bessbrook Mill And for those that are interested in watching people in pain............ 550 Stoatman at play The good bye before crossing the lake salute Me and my Canadian Chums. Oh to sit and think 1400
Me in Bessbrook in 1997
  1. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    Handsome dude. Even with the big black head.
  2. scotscop
    Dont look too happy :D
  3. badkarma
    And a chart behind to show him what his GSM will look like if he types for 30 days or more...
  4. Sleeper_service
    Big forearms for a typist! Endurance wanking? :wink: