Stumpt NAAFI bar Armagh 82

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The top and bottom of my uniform ;) me receiving from gen.filasere' my para wings. 5053 me 6097 The only pic of me in uniform - and it's a tiny one. Blewbury Centre - Post hack pose Stumpt NAAFI bar Armagh 82 Milan Sect, B Coy, 1PWO, Bosina '93 (Op Grapple 2) weapons training at Barrybudden camp HVM Boy's Gash What the F..K am I doing here Papa_Lazaroo takes over as the gun subs ammo number 1360 Arrival of Napierette - 10 Jul 05 Now that was a good Party....
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  2. Ozgerbobble
    Was this before or after he blew his puppy batter all over the dance floor then? :wink:
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  3. Malinkey
    Being a spec op dog where is his black nastie blocking out his eyes???
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