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Marie Antoinette RTC Granthem 7031 7189 7275 7407 canal ride steamroom harry patch 206 A Desert Rose Gren, hand, Patt TCH Rapierman before the babrbie! Tall and straight 615 West Belfast Summer 1983
  1. FiveAlpha
    You cock-trawling shit stabbing ****.
  2. spice2
    Wow, I didn't know I meant that much to you Five.....

    Grow up you tool.
  3. spice2
    Lol, it was one of those silly you have to carry it around for 2 days things for getting drunk and doing a dance solo on stage in front of many Dutch civilians.
  4. Hector_Chavez_V
    I'd **** you, in a broken pool cue/acetylene torch kind of way you biblical abomination.