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The biggest box of firework ever! Painting brind new Range Rovers with paint brushes. Op Granby 1990 375866 4287039170889 649748988 n 3271 3563 Hohenstaufen 1 Paras 0 Stay Back! 5570 5703 6814 7356 7381 bomb disposal SUV's
Yank Policy!
  1. DesktopCommando
    pity youve got to be less than 20 metres to read it
  2. suits_U
    cameramans a bit buggered then, as is the car next to them :D
  3. Bad_Crow
    Covers the arrse of the jumpy lad on top cover though
  4. showman00
    the arabic writing translates to FREE 100 Dollars US if you drive up close and fast and sound your horn. Hearts and Minds or wat LOL
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