static line

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F-14 over Iraq Before we had Tornados YF-23 Black Widow pic1 Tomcats Tomcats 4977 static line Ballooning The Pegasus 27Sep06 5618 6015 6202 6205 enter various
  1. sandmanfez
    Good point Gremlin, we could just lock him in an overflowing turdis and lob that out the back instead.
  2. Badger_Heed
    A-Y the reason you haven't done it is because you were a hat in a gopping jock, chip shop regt. Hurry up and die old man.
  3. the_matelot
    A-Y, was parachuting invented when you joined up?
  4. red_phos
    ah the skyvan! hideous memories!! cracking pic though
  5. Taffnp
    And you sure I pick up my duty frees later ?