spot the recce mec

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4/7RDG Simfire Trials SPTA 1975 Rheinsalen Camp - Soltau - 1984 6112 Shah 1 Good Times Good Times Everything stops for 'Football Echo'. spot the recce mec 6824 6892 7128 M109 Queen's Birthday parade, Hong Kong, 1967 DCC- Shrivenham DCC- Shrivenham DCC- Shrivenham
  1. polar69
    I recognise the bloke in the middle
  2. counterstrike
    It HAS to be the one in the middle - He has recce mech written all over him! :twisted:
  3. sandmanfez
    Easy! all three have their hands in pockets, so they,re probably all reccy mechs.
  4. BFG 9000
    BFG 9000
    I'm fairly sure the one on the left is a VM (P___ B____?) - when was it taken?
  5. Gun_Doc
    the one in combat covvies who looks like biff from back to the future