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T34 1270 Gravelbelly, circa 1979 on the lash Ranger_kakaw 2808 1973..... Sponsored walk evidence Atko & Smuge after a long and dusty day Play Girl Phot Shot The fizzog behind the name 4550 Me and a Mucker on a FTX - isle of wight 2005 Cloggie and Kaye(who i'm happy to shay is my partner and alsho...) on exshercize with the krayshee s Pointy toes! A spot of Carp Fishing
  1. DrStealth
    why bring that orange thing on the left? rations for the collie?
  2. Rincewind
    Thats my Killer Shar Pei and it would drown you in snot faster that you can say "yuk no gerroff, gnnn fugging mutt, baaaaaar yuk, cuvved in snot glugg gluug ugghhhh"
  3. DrStealth
  4. WhiteHorse
    The woman to your left is looking at you as if to say " You touch my kids and I'll kill you, you old pervert"
  5. Geordie_Blerk
    LJH would snap his ulna and radius over this photo.