South camp main gate.

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Ghost of Tyne Cot Singapore Lady Boys - Late 60's St. Luke's Church in Abbottabad, Pakistan Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA 8 Troop Zulu Coy 45 Cdo RM 1982 South Atlantic Ausrialian Pillbox at Hill 62- WW1 Templer Bks - Male Block South camp main gate. British Heavy gun at Anzac Cove 1915 another view of the previously loaded handherchief 1945 South Pacific My father during his NS with the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, Minden,1953 Vickers MG (done badly), Manchester Regt, Troodos Cyprus 1937 JLR Pass Off Dec '74 7593 Entrance to living accommodation in Princess Mary Barrack, Singapore
  1. golddust
    South Camp of where??? Postage stamp piccy :-(
  2. LoneTree
    Sorry, Maresfield bks Herford. Once home to 7 Sigs
  3. scousemech
    Right next door to Wullies ahh the days of jumping off Barnes's bridge after falling out the Sqn bar
  4. Scam12_Jedi
    Lone Tree, where did you get this photo? Just wondering cos I took it and I know didn't submitted it :? Not that I mind of course. Now the really sad bit: I took it as I was leaving the barracks for the last time on posting to UK in late Dec '92. Must dash, my taxi has arrived :D