sorry but the FN-SCAR the only good fn i know

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Type 11 Jap MG, Weird but its magazine hopper is interesting Homie with STEN Rare STEN Mk4 Lanchester SMG The Ultimate STEN Enfield XL70 3477 sorry but the FN-SCAR the only good fn i know GPMG Cadre Albania 2006 GPMG shoot Albania 2006 GPMG Cadre Albania 2006 Sword 1 5358 6080 Mystery British Army rifle the regiment
  1. DrStealth
    they make the S.C.A.R is 3 versions 5.56x45 nato, 7.62x51 nato, and 7.62x39combloc, they all have diff upper and lower recievers and barrels, the ammo is NOT interchangable.
  2. sandmanfez
    :oops: Yeh, I probably could have phrased my question better, as other than a blunderbus, nothings that flexible. What I meant was, will it accept AK ammo, and now I know.
  3. DrStealth
    the version in 7.62x39 combloc takes AK 'standard' mags.
  4. kravchick2000
    I'd give my left tit for one of those.
  5. Its_a_troop!!
    you wont have any tits left then krav!