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Slingsby trying to tamper with the Royal family

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Slingsby telling Blair he's a cnut Slingsby showing off his new Kilt Slingsby with a Grubby H/cav deviant Sgt Slingsby at Edinburgh Castle with VC Cenotaph London test Slingsby trying to tamper with the Royal family 817 Slingsby watches 818 Ladies Slingsby watch Anything to Declare? Slingsby on way to Embra Castle to complete his challenge Slingsby getting arrested for drunk and disorderly at the ARRSE Embra crawl 2005 Help for Heroes bear 'HERO' pprune? Who?
  1. theloggie
    Shouldn't this comment be'Slingsby pulls a lamp post'
  2. Rincewind
    Slingsby says "god i was dying for a slash!!!"