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Slingsby exercises his map reading skills!

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pprune? Who? After Gliders this should be a doddle 2401 At least it wasnt pink! Hmm..whats this OTC thing all about...didn't have it in my day!! My day out with Abacus! 7183 Slingsby exercises his map reading skills! 7184 Slingsby & Cait have a moment! 6618 7185 Heavens opened on Pen Y Fan 7186 Bear Behind! Cait & Slingsby on top of Pen Y Fan
  1. boney_m
    The blond did get her arse out!! I think slingsby was bearnapped, he'd never drive an audi!!
  2. Cutaway
    Looking for a way out of Prison Island Slingsby ?
  3. Baron Von Reichs Pudding
    Baron Von Reichs Pudding
    Is that Cait's used nicks on the passenger's seat? Can I sniff them?
  4. Mighty_doh_nut
    Nope, caits are much smaller than that and would have a line of mud on the bit that slides up yer arse crack :D
  5. Auld-Yin
    Thank God he is a Sgt - at least he can read a map.