Slave Night Telic 3

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IRAQ Seven Generals What the US Military Faces nowadays Corps Headquarters in Baghdad optelic 1 4324 B Sqn QRL On Patrol Slave Night Telic 3 arrse-lick??? Iraqi hardware 2 ZSU-23/4 yanks in basra Shorts.. the army's secret weapon,designed to distract the insurgents aim,... by laughter! 1391 How the Yanks deal with illegal parking in Baghdad Piper McGlen, Basra Palace
  1. Interceptor
    Obviously not the same Op TELIC 3 that the rest of us were on. Parties?
  2. Cutaway
    I hope you've checked them out in your professional capacity.
  3. Mighty_doh_nut
    Mm mooses in bin bags and flip flops..... erotic... Fall on a tungsten carbide spike!
  4. Bad_Crow
    Ahhh. Meanwhile somebody else was working.
  5. cowtipper
    **** me they look like zombies!