Side Show Bob!!!!!

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Singing Broken Slug! The breakfast, run? Self Loading shoes! Embra 05 WNB Deluded old goat cutting about Town...... Side Show Bob!!!!! GG and IdleA, BOTH quiet!!!! Slug and mini-me! Embra 05 3 Embra ARRSErs (guess who) debate an IOM Crawl GillyLady PC Addicts! Reporting to ARRSE post crawl Do my chebs look big in this?
  1. Baron Von Reichs Pudding
    Baron Von Reichs Pudding
    Hair by Ken Dodd - Dressed by Coco the Clown :D
  2. hellfyyr
    More like hair by Stevie Wonder, clothes by Ray Charles... :wink: Dale x
  3. Dale the snail
    Dale the snail
    You are seriously scaring me now!!!!!! 8)
  4. The_Snail
    No, it's spit.